Pimentel Communications Inc.

Because PCI believes that communication with you is vital during every stage of a project, our team will work with you every step to fit your needs and meet your goals. PCI has all the right tools to test and certify all of your fiber optic and copper systems. We are confident in our workmanship and we will meet all requirements to provide you with a professional installation. Our goal is to exceed your expectations and guarantee customer satisfaction.  

Network Integration

Voice, Data, MATV, CATV

Provide Test Results and As-builts

Copper Cable Systems

Fusion Splicing

O.T.D.R. and Power Meter Testing

Termination of ST, SC, FC, MTRJ, LC Connectors


Consulting & Engineering

Installation and Project Managemnet

MAC (Moves, Adds, & Changes)

OSP/ISP cabling